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EPE FOAM SHEET EPE is non cross linked, extruded, expanded cellular polyethylene foam manufactured from low density polyethylene eco-friendly (LDPE) as base material with blowing agent LPG. EPE has innumerable tiny closed cells, which have very fine and uniform structure available from 1 to 8 mm extruded thickness. Very unique heat lamination process is used to build up the thickness from 5 mm to 100 mm and many more versatile laminated foam products also available. Expanded Polythylene Laminated & without Laminated Foam Rolls / Sheets / Bags will be avilable as per customer requirements. Epe sheets Application CUSTOM-FITTING FABRICATED PACKAGING FOR HIGH VALUE ITEMS PRODUCED IN LIMITED VOLUMES. ELIMINATES COST OF MAKING EXPENSIVE MOULDS. MORE ECONOMICAL THAN USING EPS IN MANY CASES. CAN BE TAILORED TO MATCH THE SHAPE, SIZE OR PROFILE OF ANY PRODUCT - BY USING A SIMPLE HOT AIR GUN AND KNIFE. * PROVIDES EXCELLENT CUSHIONING AGAINST SHOCKS, VIBRATIONS, ABRASIONS. * NON-TOXIC. RESISTANT TO FUNGI, BACTERIA & CHEMICALS. * COMBINES RESILIENCE WITH FLEXIBILITY. * REQUIRES NO SPECIAL EXPERTISE TO FABRICATE OR USE. USED BY AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRIES FOR SEATS ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES : USED AS FITMENTS FOR PRINTERS , COMPUTERS, ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES HANDICRAFT FURNITURE, MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS, ARTILLERY BOX ETC. EPE SHEETS CAN BE FABRICATED AND TAILOR-MADE TO SUIT CUSTOMERS NEEDS GRADE AVAILABLE DIMENSION WIDTH LS-LAMINATED SHEETS 15mm-100mm 1000/1250/1400mm AS-ANTISTATIC PINK 1mm-100mm 1500mm/1400mm Salient Features : • Resiliency • Cushioning • Shock Absorption • Flexibility • Abrasion Resistance • Light Weight • Soft And Tough • Ease Of Fabrication And Under Lay • Water / Moisture Resistant • Water / Moisture Resistant • Chemically Inert • Oil Resistant • Non Toxic Hygienic And Fungal Resistant • Thermal Insulation • Sound / Vibration Dampener • Wide Temperature Range • Cfc Free • Light Weight To Reduce Freight Cost • Finished Product Intact Up To Final Destination • Product Is Available In Rolls Form Or Sheet Forms • We Offer Customized Packaging Such As Cut-Pieces, Pouches, Bags, Fitments, Tubes, Rods, Nets, Sleeves, Etc.
  • 2017-07-03T11:18:34

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